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Wearing a sleep mask is to ensure high quality sleep even in conditions that normally do not allow sleep. Here's everything you need to know about this sleep aid to curb somnipathy.

Sleep mask: What is it?

A sleep mask is an elastic band that is placed around the head to cover the eyes and allows you to sleep in total darkness, even in bright light. It is a product that allows you to sleep in circumstances that normally do not allow it and that ensures you sleep at any time of the day. It is the cheapest, most practical and most effective anti-light accessory to protect your eyes from different light sources. In terms of popularity, it is the first accessory to calm sleep disorders

Benefits of a sleep mask

Sleep experts agree that the darker a room, the better the quality of sleep. But most of us don't live in caves, and the only way to make your bedroom totally dark is to use blackout curtains, an option that turns out to be expensive and impractical. Instead, you can treat yourself to total darkness by using a blackout sleep mask to block ambient light (or, if you sleep at night, daylight) from harming your eyes. A night mask offers complete darkness, ideal for sleep, and in all circumstances.

Total darkness The main reason scientists say you need darkness to sleep well is actually evolutionary. Humans - and our prehistoric ancestors - are naturally diurnal, which means that we are biologically made to be awake during the day and sleep at night.

For thousands of years, before electric lighting allowed us to continue working or socializing late into the evening, humans naturally slept in darkness and were awakened by sunrise. Our brains associate darkness with sleep and produce more melatonin (the hormone that controls our sleep and wake cycles) when they detect an absence of light. In addition to increased melatonin production, scientists have also established a link between sleep in total darkness, increased time spent in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness, which which means you are more likely to sleep soundly and sleep through the night when sleeping in complete darkness. Having a blackout sleep mask allows us to respect our biological needs to provide deep sleep even in a lighted environment, allowing total coverage of darkness.

A natural anti-distraction

As our brain associates darkness with sleep, it is useful to use a sleep mask to put the brain to sleep and stop the flow of thoughts in our brain that keeps us up at night. Sleep masks also prevent you from opening your eyes and looking at your smartphone, which can sometimes accompany you for long minutes and delay your sleep. This aspect allows you to sleep faster and prepare your brain to sleep in a few minutes or even a few seconds only. This feature is essential if you sleep in a room full of stimuli that can bring you back to awake state at any time and cause you to miss the sleep train.

Without side effects

Many people who have trouble sleeping use sleeping pills or drugs or even alcohol to rest. But pharmaceutical sleeping pills, even those that aren't prescribed, can be habit-forming or have side effects. In addition, the risk of overdose is real. And alcohol not only carries the same risks as sleeping pills, but it also disrupts your sleep cycle and negatively impacts the overall quality of your rest. Because sleep masks trick your brain into thinking it's time to sleep, they're a non-chemical alternative to more traditional sleep products, but you'll find they're just as effective.

Protect the eyes If you heat or cool your home centrally, dry air fills your room and blows on you while you sleep - and it can also stir up dust and pet hair that you don't. didn't even notice.

Investing in a humidifier can help here, but it won't stop recirculated air from blowing into your eyes. However, an overnight mask can create a protective barrier over your eyes and protect them. Sleep masks may also be helpful for people with nocturnal lagopthalmos - an inability to fully close your eyes while sleeping. Because our eyes need the protection and lubrication offered by our sleep masks, people who cannot close them completely may experience extremely dry eyes and may even suffer permanent damage. Sleep masks can help alleviate this problem by creating a closed environment around the eyes. 3D sleep masks can protect the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the formation of wrinkles.

Protects the skin from wrinkles

When you wake up with the impressions of your crumpled pillowcase on your face, over time it will lead to the accelerated creation of wrinkles. If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, the pressure exerted on your skin and the friction on your pillowcase can cause the breakdown of collagen, leading to the appearance of wrinkles, especially around the eyes and nose. You can try a special pillow or pillowcase to fix it, or you can try learning to sleep on your back, but if you want to keep your sleeping habits, you can also take a face mask. gentle sleep to protect the delicate skin around your eyes, where the first wrinkles form. The soft sleep mask serves as a protective layer between you and your pillow and prevents you from waking up with pillow marks and thus ensuring you don't experience wrinkles due to skin friction.


  • Blackout curtains are often very expensive, usually several hundred dollars, a high-end sleep mask costs less than 20 dollars and offers better results by blocking light directly from the surface of the eyes.

    Ideal if you sleep together

    Sleeping in love is great, but has its drawbacks. You fall asleep at different times, your sleep cycles are different and this leads to waking up due to the light that the other has turned on. With a sleep mask, sleeping together while maintaining your natural sleep rhythm is now possible.

    Easy to carry

    Night masks are widely used by travellers, so it is essential to have an easy-to-handle solution for resting on the plane or train. A sleep mask even fits in your pocket and weighs only a few grams, making it an ideal travel accessory for healthy sleep during long trips.    

    Perfect for resting

    A sleeping mask creates a feeling of warmth that allows the eyes to relax, which in addition to facilitating sleep, is ideal for resting after a day of visual fatigue due to current times. It is an ideal way to relax in case of ophthalmic migraine.

    Many options available

    Not all night masks are the same, so you can choose the one that suits you best based on several criteria:
    • With or without notch: At eye level, the notches protect the eyes and the nose is also protected. There is no contact with the eyes and no pressure on the eyes, the sleeping mask adapting to all head sizes
  • Material: Silk, polyester or shape memory, you can choose the material that suits you the most.
  • The reasons: Some sleep headband designs are neutral, others fun and still others childish. Each sleep mask is different so you can choose the one that matches your personality.
  • The functions: Some have additional functions, such as the cooling mask or the bluetooth mask. Our sleep headband even covers the noise.

    How to use a sleeping mask?

    You just have to wrap it around the head at eye level, adjust the scratch and check that its position covers 100% of the light.

    What are his reasons for buying?

    Several uses are allowed by our sleeping masks: Sleep: Its main function, which allows you to sleep even in circumstances difficult and impossible, such as in broad daylight or under a light on. It totally blocks light, even sunlight.
Relax: Heat and darkness relax the eyes. Lying down while wearing a sleep mask leads to relaxation of the eyeball. 5 minutes are enough to feel the effects. The cooling sleep mask even allows you to use the very cold and the very hot to relax more deeply. Wearing a relaxing sleep mask is ideal. Meditate: Cutting off external stimuli is essential in meditation. The darkness will allow you to be more centered on yourself.  

How much does a sleeping mask cost?

A sleeping mask costs 10 euros for the classic models. If you want a top-of-the-range model, we offer models at 20 euros.

How to wash it?

You can machine wash it at 30 degrees or by hand. It is essential to maintain it regularly, to prevent sebum and residues of dead skin from infiltrating and irritating your eyelids during the night.

Can I wear it with my makeup?

It all depends on the material. If you want to sleep with your makeup on, choose a satin or silk model that does not irritate the skin. Also prefer a 3D notch model that will not be in contact ct with the skin of the eyes and therefore with your make-up.

Is an eye mask uncomfortable in summer?

If in winter, a blackout sleep mask provides welcome warmth. It is legitimate to wonder if such an accessory for sleeping is not annoying when the sun returns. Fortunately, the cotton, silk and satin models allow you to stay cool, so you will only have the advantages without the disadvantages.

Opening your eyes = danger?

If you fall into the arms of Morpheus with your eyes open, choose a relief model that will allow you to open your eyes even with the night mask on without your eyeball coming into contact with it.

How does a sleep mask work?

Nothing could be simpler than using a night mask to sleep, you just have to place it at eye level and scratch the elastic band which allows a total adaptation to the morphology of your face in order to obtain an opacity level of 100%.

When to use an eye patch?

Sleep masks are very useful and even essential in many circumstances. They are particularly indicated in the following conditions:
  • While traveling: Whether traveling by train, car or plane, an eye shield allows you to sleep even facing the sunlight.
  • During the day: Whether it's a nap or a shifted sleep due to nighttime hours, wearing a night mask will allow you to sleep without having constantly closing the shutters or disturbing your partner who does not sleep at the same times
  • Outdoors: In summer, lying down to sleep is very pleasant, but without a sleep mask, you will still be bothered by sleep and sunglasses will not help to fight against the luminosity of sleep.
  • To relieve eyestrain: Visual fatigue is very common, wearing a sleep mask brings heat and darkness, allowing it to dissipate and rest your eyes to facilitate falling asleep and sleeping
  • To focus: Whether meditating or reflecting, cutting off external stimuli will be possible thanks to a sleep mask.

How to choose a sleeping mask?

4 main factors to consider when selecting the sleep mask.

The form

The shape of the mask affects comfort. For maximum comfort, we recommend 3D sleep masks, which protect the eyes by leaving space with the mask. For people who sleep with their eyes open, this aspect is essential so as not to attack the eyes. Some models also have a notch at the nose, which is recommended for better adaptation to the face. Whatever your expectations, these models are the most recommended because they allow you to sleep in a real cocoon of comfort.


Integrated in some top-of-the-range models, the functions for listening to music, covering the ears or even heating or cooling the eyelids offer additional possibilities for falling asleep. If you want more than just a classic model, these multifunctional models are highly recommended.

The reasons

Each sleeping eye patch is unique, the patterns are very varied, ranging from animals to objects or can include a sentence. These patterns reveal your personality.

The composition

The composition influences the comfort offered by the mask. Satin, memory foam and silk models are the most comfortable for the skin. If you want to take care of your skin or if you have fragile skin, this type of soft sleeping mask will be essential for you. Whatever your preferences, you will find the model you need in our collection.

Why choose a sleeping mask in our shop?

The sleep masks offered in pharmacies and supermarkets are standardized, not very original and often of average or even mediocre quality for supermarkets. Choosing a night mask in our temple is to ensure many advantages:
  • A guaranteed degree of opacity: All our models have as their first selection criterion the total coverage of the eyes. If 1% of the light passes, we estimate that the sleep mask does not allow you to sleep properly.
  • A rare quality: Rare are the shops that offer models in memory foam, satin, or with an additional function. The hundreds of sleep masks we offer are a real gold mine for your sleep and the equivalents are rare, especially on the French-speaking market.
  • Comfort: Imagine sleeping with a mask that is too tight and waking up with red marks (if you can The models we offer are all very elastic and wide enough to adapt to all body types.
The ease of adjustment: We automatically exclude models with bows from our collections. Only models with scratches are selected for more comfort. They will also not fall off during sleep, even when changing position thanks to the anti-slip scratch.

Soft sleep masks for men and women

Whether you are a man or a woman, we have models in our collection that are mostly unisex and adapted to each facial morphology, but also men's night masks and women's night masks so that you can choose the one you prefer.

The selection of our best models?

Need a helping hand to make your purchase, here is the selection of our most popular eye patches: The Premium Sleep Mask The premium sleep mask takes a unique approach to the age-old problem of light reaching your eyes via the gaps created where a sleep mask sits on your nose. He has a winged 'folding cartilage' on his nose. You can shape this section of the nose until the light is cut out, and it will stay in place while you sleep. It's a simple, yet clever idea that works very effectively.

The mask itself is made of breathable cotton and terry, which feels like a soft t-shirt. However, it doesn't have a lot of contour, so it's not a mask for those who need to protect the eyelashes.

The strap is long and uses a slider, so it fits all head sizes. It works well whether you are a side or back sleeper. It is the one that will suit people whose facial structure lets in light. Bluetooth sleep mask You want to listen to music and make calls while wearing a mask sleep? This model is made for you and even allows you to use the keyboard of the smartphone and to connect to your electronic devices such as the Iphone and the Ipad. Its other advantage is to cover the ears to isolate the sound and hear the music even better. The 3D sleep mask combines a large surface area with a good amount of room for your eyes with its contoured design. The eye sockets aren't as deep as the premium sleep mask, but they will cover your face more, which some people find helps block out more light than thinner masks. The internal padding features a slightly contoured shape to fit on your nose. This helps reduce the amount of light that so often slips between the nose and the eyes.

It has an adjustable elastic strap, with a velcro closure. They're sewn together nicely, so you shouldn't find your hair caught in the velcro. And once you decide how badly you want it, you can easily put it on and take it off without even undoing the end of the velcro.

However the outer material is synthetic so it doesn't feel as luxurious as some of the other silk or satin ones. But it does the main job of keeping you in the dark very well. Overnight Eye Mask
This sleep mask impresses at first sight, arriving in high quality packaging upon delivery. And the mask itself is elegant - kind of like elegant glasses, but darkened of course. It has plenty of room for the eyes and lids, rather than feeling the material pressed against your eyes like you do with silk masks. And instead of opting for a thin contour, the designers used padding to create a very comfortable bubble effect for the night. Light blocking is excellent - the overall shape fits the nose perfectly and doesn't let any light through to the sides. The strap is wide and has a sliding buckle, which is preferable to Velcro. As with all contoured masks, it may not be ideal for side sleepers. But overall, it's the contoured sleep mask that sets the benchmark, both in terms of comfort and light blocking.
If you want a lightweight and comfortable sleep mask that shuts out as much light as possible, this silk sleep mask is a great choice. It completely blocks the light, even if the light source is very bright. And it's made from breathable silk, which is wonderfully soft against the skin. The straps are elastic and adjustable, so you can find the exact fit you need. And the strap adjuster is very small, so you won't feel it when you're lying in bed. There is no velcro, so you won't get your hair tangled in the straps. It is also an excellent option for travelling. It is very light and unlike some of the larger contoured masks can roll up into a small space. So if all you need is a comfortable sleep mask that will reliably block out light, this model will provide it.
  • The panda sleep mask is long and wide enough to fit well block the light. The strap omits that potentially hair-tangling Velcro, opting instead for a continuous clasp. And it's so thin and discreet that you can sleep on your favorite side without any problem.

    If you've found fancy masks in the past that let light in around the nose, you might find the same with this one as the design isn't as streamlined as it could be be.

    But otherwise, it is still a reasonably effective sleep mask that ticks all the right boxes for comfort. And because of its soft and lightweight shape, it's a good choice if you need to sleep while traveling.
  • Heatable in the microwave and coolable in the fridge or freezer, it absorbs heat or cold to eliminate dark circles and visual fatigue thanks to its microbeads.
    This eye pillow goes beyond simple light blocking, providing the possibility of heating and cooling to the entire area around your eyes. The exterior is comfortable. It is considerably heavier than most other sleeping masks, which brings a feeling of comfort on its own. It has microbeads embedded in the mask, which relieves pain and allows relaxation due to the massaging pressure of the beads on your face. It is a relaxing and extremely comfortable sleep mask to wear. You can leave it in the fridge or freezer for a short time to get a cooling effect, again helping to relieve pain and relax. It stays cool for 20-30 minutes on average, which seems like about the time it takes to soothe my eyes. The weight helps it stay in place above your eyes and thus effectively blocks light. This eye mask is more than just a sleep mask. If you suffer from headaches, migraines or puffy eyes, this is a solution to try.
    The memory foam sleep mask is another well-designed sleep mask for all-hours sleep, but with less space for long eyelashes than giant 3D models. But if you don't have epic fan-sized lashes, there's still plenty of room to breathe between the mask and your eyes. It blocks light well considering that it is a streamlined type. As with many sleeping masks, you may find that it lets in tiny bursts of light, depending on the shape of your facial features. The straps are adjustable and won't bother your skin or hair.
  • Eye patches for sleeping This blackout sleep mask has deep eye cavities. It allows you to open your eyes freely, even if you have long eyelashes. The composition is silk, to better protect the skin during sleep. The strap uses a simple velcro with which you can get a tight fit if you want to eliminate all the light. The idea is that you can position them to block out any remaining light if the shape of the mask is not immediately the perfect shape for your face. This overnight eye mask is surprisingly thin and light. It feels soft to the touch, yet maintains a contoured shape with plenty of room for your eyelids and lashes. It does an excellent job of blocking out light and the adjustable strap has a reliable tie to keep it in place on your face. There's just enough on the strap to accommodate head sizes at both ends of the spectrum, although you can use that velcro strap at the end if you have a smaller head.