Pregnancy body pillow

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To buy a pregnancy pillow is to ensure quality sleep throughout your pregnancy.  

What is' a pregnancy pillow?Pregnant women have many sleep problems due to body changes that do not allow sleep as before pregnancy.

Pregnancy pillows allow you to sleep thanks to the supports they allow. Depending on your sleeping position and the stage of your pregnancy, you can choose the shape that suits you the most. Be aware, however, that at the end of pregnancy, the traditional U-shaped model is essential for sleeping on your side, which will be the only possible sleeping position.  

Pregnancy pillow: Many benefits for your sleep

They provide support for the body A pregnancy pillow provides adequate support for the belly, neck, legs, shoulders and back. Women who suffer from neck and back pain can use it lying down in a semi-fetal position, which is considered the best solution for pregnant women. A good pregnancy pillow can relieve pressure on the spine. It also helps the back and hips while improving hip, shoulder and spine alignment. They stimulate deep sleep Pregnancy requires women to sleep well and for a long time, because lack of sleep can wreak havoc on newborns and pregnant women. By using a pillow for pregnant women, you will avoid the inconvenience and pain normally felt during this period and will improve the quality of sleep.In addition, these pillows can help the baby reach the best position for childbirth, thus facilitating a less painful and shorter childbirth for the mother. Women can get all the relaxation and sleep they need with the ergonomic design of this type of pillow. They avoid sudden movements Often, when we can't sleep, we try to change positions all the time. This can create accidental pressure on the belly. By using a pillow for pregnant women, the movements of the bed are reduced and we obtain a deep and constant sleep, without interruptions.

Pregnancy pillows are useful even after childbirth

Even after the baby is born, a pregnancy pillow will be useful to put it in the right position so that the child learns to stand correctly. You can also use it to support the baby while breastfeeding or to support their neck and back while they rest. As the baby develops, it is also worth considering specific cushions that are not only comfortable, but also prevent common diseases such as plagiocephaly.   They improve blood circulation Doctors recommend that pregnant women sleep on their left side when the baby begins to develop. Sleeping on your side promotes blood circulation and is recommended for pregnant women. Sleeping on your side can be uncomfortable for many due to belly growth. Thanks to its extra softness and cushioning, a pregnancy pillow allows you to sleep comfortably in a side position, which promotes and facilitates blood circulation in the body.

Pregnancy pillows decrease heart rate

Hugging a pregnancy pillow, a pregnant woman's heart rate automatically decreases, she feels calm and has good control over her emotions. Therefore, he supports her emotionally and physically.  

They are useful for lifting the feet

Due to circulation, it is sometimes recommended by doctors to keep your feet elevated while you sleep. So for these cases you can also use a pregnancy pillow. You will get extra benefit for a deep and peaceful sleep.  

They avoid aches

As the weight of the body increases during pregnancy, it puts pressure on the back, hips and legs. It is important to rest these parts of the body and this is only possible if you are able to sleep in a good position. A pregnancy pillow will provide support and comfort to these parts and ensure adequate rest, relieving aches and pains.   They avoid allergies Hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the risk of allergies, respiratory problems and skin rashes in women. However, this can be avoided by using a pregnancy pillow filled with hypoallergenic polyethylene. This filler prevents allergy symptoms, pore and skin diseases and breathing difficulties.  

They reduce heartburn and water retention

A pregnancy pillow not only reduces the discomfort of body aches, but also the feeling of heartburn and minimizes fluid retention levels.  

They reduce the risk of snoring

By preventing you from falling on your back and therefore allowing you to sleep in the correct position, women who use a pregnancy pillow and who tend to snore can naturally stop snoring.  

Pregnancy pillows prevent sleeping in the wrong position

A pregnancy pillow is essential to prevent a pregnant woman from sleeping on her stomach in an uncomfortable and dangerous position.  

They offer side sleeping

Pregnancy pillows are ergonomically designed to provide both front and back support while the pregnant woman sleeps on her side. Plus, they support a woman's head and neck and are large enough to fit between her knees for comfortable sleeping. As we have already said, it is important for pregnant women to sleep on their side so that their blood circulation improves. However, with increasing belly size, it can be uncomfortable. Therefore, when you use a pillow for pregnant women, you can find the filling you want and sleep better.  

They are essential for travel

You can sleep during a long trip as it will give you good support around your lower back, preventing cramps. They are also compact enough that you can fold them up and put them in your suitcase. The portability of your accessories will be just as important while breastfeeding. It is therefore important to know that other accessories such as bottle warmers or a breast pump can also be portable.  

They relieve men's back pain

This proves that you don't have to be a pregnant woman to use a pregnancy pillow. This type of pillow is for anyone who suffers from back pain.  

How to choose a pregnancy pillow?

The choice depends first of all on the use you want to make of it. The orthopedic ears allow to relieve a part of the body, but do not fully support it. They are useful if you only want to relieve the legs or knees. Pregnancy cushions for sleeping cover the entire body in order to relieve the whole body and to sleep soundly. During the last months of pregnancy, this type of pregnancy pillow is essential, relieving the back, knees, legs and even arms. But the choice depends on many other factors, which must be taken into account so that you can make the best choice. The firmness We recommend that all pregnant women choose a firm pregnancy pillow, so that it can support the body throughout pregnancy. Otherwise, it will tend to deform and lose its comfort and support. Bead filler provides the best support for your body during the last months of pregnancy, hence its popularity. The form The way of sleeping is also to be taken into account, for example if you manage to sleep on your back, an H pillow is ideal. The majority of cushions are C-shaped, so that they can be used on the side, the most common and safest position during the last months of pregnancy. Padding Padding is another essential element, as each type of padding has advantages and disadvantages. - Cotton and wool have very resistant natural fibers and are hypoallergenic, being therefore essential to preserve the skin. On the downside, the fibers tend to crush and can clump together. - Polystyrene balls are the second possibility, but are not hypoallergenic, so we do not offer them in our collection, despite their very low costs. -Polyester padding is the most common, because it is very resistant, and allows use even when the body becomes heavy. Be careful, however, to choose a high thickness, because polyester deforms very quickly. - Shape memory, material that adapts to the morphology of the body and offers an unequaled level of comfort. Be careful though if your last month of pregnancy is during the summer, as it retains heat. - Seed filling, whether it is buckwheat, flax or wheat seeds. We do not offer any despite their firmness and their ability to retain freshness because this type can cause allergies. The length We advise to choose a complete model of more than 1m50, because even if it is not essential at the beginning of pregnancy, it is necessary from the 6th month.

Do I need a pregnancy pillow? It is almost certain that your body will make you feel that it will need help with sleeping during the last months of pregnancy. When an extra pillow is no longer enough, the pregnancy pillow will be essential.

In addition, it relieves many pregnancy symptoms, as we have seen in the long list of pregnancy pillow benefits.

Why is a classic pillow no longer sufficient?Classic cushions are not suitable for the body of a pregnant woman, and will be crushed by the weight of the belly.

They also cannot support the whole body.

What are the different models available? There are many types of pregnancy pillows. Here are the different models available on the market:

Mini pregnancy pillows: In the shape of wedge and with an inclined height, which are designed to support the lower back and stomach. You can also place them between the legs to eliminate the tensions present. Practical and compact, they are ideal if you are outdoors or need to transport it regularly.

C-shape models: This type of pregnancy cushion hugs the curve of the back and has a extension placed under the belly to support the belly and which offers additional support for the back. The U-shaped pillows or of H: Who support the whole body thanks to their 360 format degrees and which make it possible to fully captivate the body by adapting to each morphology. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be used after pregnancy as a nursing pillow.  

Which padding to choose? The filling of the pregnancy cushion depends on your personal preferences. Here are the characteristics of each padding available:

                        • Shape memory: Material that adapts to body heat, shape memory is the most comfortable and releases the most entrenched tensions thanks to its thermo-sensitivity.
                        • The micro-beads: They move according to the position and the pressure exerted by the body. The support offered is very firm.
                        • The cotton: Which is highly sought after for its ability to absorb perspiration and withstand heat, two crucial elements during pregnancy.
We do not recommend other types of padding, being of poor quality.  

How to keep it clean? Keeping your pregnant woman cushion clean is necessary but not always easy during the gestation period.

The first essential thing is that the cover is removable
    , as this will allow it to be washed normally rather than putting everything in the washing machine, which is often impossible.
    Washing at 40 degrees is often necessary, because during pregnancy the level of sweating is usually higher.

How to position it?

The positioning varies according to the needs of each pregnant woman. generally speaking, pregnant women like to hold it on one side in their arms.

When to use a pregnancy pillow?

Used mainly for sleeping, a pregnancy pillow nevertheless has many reasons for use: When you have pain: On the knees, stomach, back... The pregnancy cushion will allow you to relax the body in depth.
    • To support you while sitting: The U or H models allow it thanks to their foldability.
    • When your natural sleeping position no longer becomes possible: It will help you sleep well.

Why choose it in our store?

Choosing a pillow for women in our shop allows you to enjoy many advantages:
      • A very wide selection: You will find in our temple dozens of models all different from each other to make the best choice.
      • All types are present: You can choose the one whose ergonomics suits you the most.
Unique Patterns: Some are personalized and stand out from those offered in supermarkets. Comfortable: We do not choose any models that are aggressive for the skin.

What use after childbirth?

It would be a shame to throw away your pregnancy cushion after the birth of your child because it will still be very useful to you. They are very useful for breastfeeding, allowing you to place the baby in a position optimal and to give it more comfort. It also retains its ability to provide comfort, so you can always use it to relax and sleep easily.