Noise cancelling earmuffs

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Ear-canceling headphones for sleeping are essential for high-quality sleep by isolating noises to let only the highest-pitched sounds through, such as the alarm clock ringing.

But beyond this main aspect, noise-canceling headphones can be essential in many situations. Here's everything you need to know about buying noise-canceling headphones.

What are noise canceling headphones for sleeping?

A noise canceling headset for sleeping is a device that is placed around the head and isolates outside sounds to allow the ears to enjoy absolute silence.

The ears are immersed in a cocoon of comfort thanks to the foam padding that protects them without touching them.

Isolating all noise except for very high-pitched sounds, it is essential for sleeping in a noisy environment.

100% passive models

All our models are passive, that is to say that they isolate noise, while the active models, amplify some are, and are for example useful to hunters.

We therefore offer passive models.

Why choose noise canceling headphones?

The advantages of noise canceling headphones for sleeping are very numerous, here are the main reasons for buying this accessory for sleeping:

  • Comfortable to wear: It protects your ears without damaging them like earplugs can. They do not fit inside the ear and are not in direct contact with the outside of the ear for a comfortable fit.
  • Allows the highest-pitched sounds : Allows you to hear the alarm clock ringing but isolates all the lower-pitched noises and severe. Its use is adapted to the constraints of modern life.
  • Different models
    : Some suitable for babies, some for children and some for adults. The difference is in the shape and flexibility, especially for babies for whom it is necessary to have a helmet that compresses the cranial box less than adult models.
  • Allows you to sleep in difficult places: As in the plane or other modes of transport. Even the cries of children and babies will not prevent you from sleeping.
  • Allows you to listen to music by isolating outside sounds: Whether it is bluetooth models or directly With headphones, you can fall asleep to the music while muting outside sounds.
  • Reduces stress: Cutting yourself off from outside noise allows you to de-stress and cut yourself off from everyday life.

Allows two to sleep better: You will no longer have to worry about the noise your partner makes if you sleep at different times.

What are the other benefits of noise canceling headphones?

Not just for sleeping, noise canceling headphones also allow you to:

  • Mute to focus: Ideal for students or people who work in a noisy environment
  • Protect your ears: Especially those of babies in noisy environments.
  • Listen to music: The external noise 'interfering more with that of the music in your headphones.
  • Easy to use: Just place it at ear level and you're done!
  • Versatile: Isolating noises can help you with other functions than e to only find sleep.
  • Transportable: So that you can sleep even outside your home in noisy places like the plane.
  • Wireless: Noise canceling headphones are not wired, an essential detail for sleeping well.
Affordable price: The average of our prices is around 30 euros, if the price is so low, it is because that we do not advertise online, allowing us to offer such low prices.

Is the sound muted at 100 %?

No, the sounds seem to come from far away, and are reduced to 90% but not 100%. This allows you to hear the outside world at a minimum level and not to feel the beating of the heart or even the functioning of your body as in some noise-canceling boxes which can lead to a deep feeling of anxiety. The most high-pitched and necessary sounds to hear, such as the alarm clock ringing and the smoke detector can be heard.

Who is noise canceling headphones recommended for?

Noise-canceling headphones for sleeping are mainly recommended for people who are looking to sleep in a noisy environment and want a permanent solution to their problems. Noisy neighbours, construction, a noisy street or the presence of a nightclub nearby? Noise-canceling headphones will protect your sleep from all these sounds, whether it's music, knocks, voices, shouting...

What are the different models available?

All our models are passive, ie they only reduce noise without amplifying certain sounds as active models do. Here are the different types of noise canceling headphones that you will find in our shop:
  • Classic models: Intended for adults
  • Models for children: Smaller and adapted to their head circumference
  • The models for babies: Which fit their morphology
  • Bluetooth models: Allowing you to listen to music and podcasts
  • Multi-function models: Like our night blindfold which also covers the eyes

Why choose a model in our shop?

Our store provides many advantages over other online stores;

    • All our models are adjustable: This allows maximum comfort Different Models: So that you can find the one that suits you the most
    • Satisfied or refunded: Because we are sure of the quality of our noise canceling headphones for sleeping.
    • Models high quality: So that they can accompany you for many years.

What is the composition of noise canceling headphones for sleeping?

Here are the components of a classic noise-canceling helmet:
  • An adjustable headband: Which allows it to be adapted to any type of head
  • Two plastic shells: Necessary to dip the ears in a key environment.
  • Foam: Which is used to insulate the noise
  • Soft plastic protection: To protect the ears

Is it dangerous to sleep with?

Sleeping with noise canceling headphones is not dangerous as long as it is clean and you have no ear injuries. If you feel discomfort, it is likely that there is an eye problem.

Why do we only offer passive models?

Passive noise canceling headphones

Passive noise cancellation simply means that sound waves are physically prevented from entering your ear. If you've ever put your finger in your ear to feel quiet, that's a form of passive noise cancellation. Or if you've worn earplugs for a snoring partner, that's passive too. Most headphones fall into this category, although improvements have recently been made to better block out all sound without excessive cost.
Active models
Active noise cancellation uses electronic signals to get rid of sound. It works by reflecting noises around you and transmitting them to you through headphones or earphones. They are therefore not suitable for sleeping.

How to choose the model of noise-canceling headphones for sleeping?

Several criteria should be considered. For example, if you want to use it to sleep at home, a classic model will be sufficient. On the contrary, if you want to sleep while travelling, a model that also covers the eyes is preferable. If you use it other than for sleeping, consider the bluetooth models, which can be very useful to you. The choice of model depends on the use you want to make of it. The point type by type
  • There are many types of noise canceling headphones for sleeping, here are the main things to consider to make the best choice when buying:
    • Noise canceling headphones for babies: More flexible and smaller, they are ideal for babies up to 2 years old. The noise canceling headphones for children: Ideal for child over 3 years old, and usually patterned.
      • Adult models: This is the classic model.
      • The bluetooth models: Which allow you to listen to music while being cut off from outside noise to offer exceptional hearing quality
    • Anti-light models: In the form of a headband, very popular with travelers who wish to cut both sound and light.

      Why choose it from us?

      There are many reasons to buy noise canceling headphones to sleep in our temple:
      • Very affordable prices: No advertising implies ease of offer noise canceling headphones for less than 40 euros, hence the many promotions offered.
      • All different models: You will find in our range all types of noise-canceling headphones for sleeping in order to to make a tailor-made choice.
      • Assured quality: We offer refunds for all our products without explanation because we have very strict selection standards that ensure customer satisfaction.

        Wired or wireless?

        A cordless option is often more comfortable, hence the fact that we only offer cordless models.

        Can side sleepers wear a helmet to sleep at night?

        This is a matter of preference. Many side sleepers are perfectly happy with noise canceling headphones for sleeping. In cases where they are not comfortable, the option of the anti-noise night band is a very good alternative. So to answer the question directly, yes, side sleepers can indeed wear noise canceling headphones to sleep at night. One thing to keep in mind is that if you are a side sleeper and choose to wear a heavy model of noise canceling headphones, the pressure you put on the side you are putting weight on can get very hot. This is not an exaggeration either. It can get surprisingly warm and is hot enough to wake you up with a red ear.

        Can children use them at night?

Absolutely! If your child is a light sleeper, has anxiety, or simply appreciates silence to fall asleep to, quality headphones or earphones can make all the difference in their quality of sleep (and yours too!).

Our only warning is to monitor if the discomfort does not pose a problem in the long term. Also, if you're concerned that the wires pose a choking or strangulation hazard, opt for a cordless version. We also recommend that you alternate the nights you wear them and don't wear them if possible. It will not create habits and will make your child sleep easily without the helmet. You still want your child to be able to sleep normally, and studies show that nighttime exposure to white noise can stunt brain development. However, this mainly affects infants, so not something to worry about in children.